Artificial Intelligence

At the forefront of every file and data transfer with intelligent AI

Amazon’s AWS Integration

EasyUser’s AI works in sync with Amazon’s popular storage solution – AWS. This allows us to connect to servers in multiple regions around the world. Making your file transfers faster to upload, download, and send. Moreover, because of AWS’s advanced security, your file transfers are more secure than almost any other file transfer platform.

AWS and EasyUser's AI
AI at EasyUser

How AI Works In The Background

  • Uploading large files can take very long. EasyUser’s AI connects automatically to near servers wherever you are around the globe – making things much faster.

  • Security on files is often a nightmare. But EasyUser’s AI lets you automatically set a password to view your files. 


  • Finally, EasyUser’s AI does not have access to any of your files. The AI’s responsibility is to simply connect you to faster servers around the globe – making your large file transfers faster and more secure than many other tools.

AI’s Phenomenal Results


Faster Share

Faster to share files



More secure than other file sharing tools



Faster to deliver files to the receiver

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