Keeping Your Data Safe


To meet GDPR requirements, EasyUser adheres to strict data protection principles. We are constantly focused on protecting the privacy and rights of individuals within the European Union (EU)


EasyUser recognizes the importance of compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a legislation that grants California residents specific rights regarding their personal information.

SSL Encryption

EasyUser prioritizes the security of user data through the implementation of industry-standard SSL encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is employed to protect the transmission of sensitive information between users and our platform.


In adherence to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), EasyUser recognizes and respects the importance of safeguarding personal data. We have implemented robust data protection measures, ensuring that the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information are conducted with user consent and for legitimate purposes.


EasyUser aligns with the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), the Brazilian data protection law, by prioritizing the lawful and transparent processing of personal data. We respect the rights of users under LGPD, including the right to access, correct, and delete personal information. 

Privacy and Security

EasyUser has partnered with a leading cybersecurity company to make sure our advanced AI technology can constantly see any threats and avoid them in seconds. Our own AI engine is constantly focused on making your data transfer safer everyday. Making us a pioneer with AI in the file sharing space

Privacy and Security

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At EasyUser the security and privacy of our customer’s data is our #1 priority.

Partnering With a Leader In Cybersecurity

EasyUser has secured a pioneering position in data transfer and file sharing by establishing a strategic partnership with a leading cybersecurity company. This collaboration has significantly enhanced our ability to keep user data safe, making it our top priority. The combined strengths of EasyUser and our cybersecurity partner ensure that every file transmitted through our platform is thoroughly protected against potential threats. This partnership not only aligns with global data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA but also positions EasyUser at the forefront of the evolving landscape of secure data transfer.

How this partnership helps:

– EasyUser can monitor any security threats with leading cybersecurity software.

– Improves our credibility in the cybersecurity space for more potential partnerships.

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AI For Your Data Safety

Our proprietary AI technology takes the lead by proactively identifying and neutralizing potential threats before they can impact user data. This distinctive capability places EasyUser at the forefront of the file-sharing space, ensuring a heightened level of security for our users.

The unparalleled sophistication of our AI engine allows us to stay ahead in anticipating and mitigating threats, setting us apart from others in the industry. Its advanced monitoring system acts as a virtual guardian, constantly scanning for potential risks and swiftly addressing them before they become a concern. By leveraging the power of our in-house AI, EasyUser offers users a unique and cutting-edge solution for secure file sharing, emphasizing our commitment to providing a safe and technologically advanced platform.